Thinking infrastructures / edited by Martin Kornberger, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Julia Elyachar, Andrea Mennicken, Peter Miller, Joanne Randa Nucho, and Neil Pollock. - 1 online resource (xvii, 381 pages) ; cm. - Research in the sociology of organizations, volume 62 0733-558X ; . - Research in the sociology of organizations ; v. 17. .

Includes index.

Prelims -- Introduction to thinking infrastructures -- Part I: Valuing -- Chapter 1 Assembling calculative infrastructures -- Chapter 2 A calculative infrastructure in the making: the emergence of a multi-layered complex for governing healthcare -- Chapter 3 Calculative infrastructure for hospitals: governing medical practices and health expenditures through a pricing payment system -- Chapter 4 Prospective sensemaking and thinking infrastructures in a large-scale humanitarian crisis -- Part II: Tracing -- Chapter 5 Infrastructures of traceability -- Chapter 6 Capitalization by certification: creating information-based assets through the establishment of an identification infrastructure -- Chapter 7 Indexal thinking - reconfiguring global topologies for market-based intervention -- Chapter 8 Performing apparatus: infrastructures of valuation in hospitality -- Part III: Governing markets -- Chapter 9 Thinking transparency in European securitization: repurposing the market's information infrastructures -- Chapter 10 Thinking market infrastructure: barcode scanning in the us grocery retail sector, 1967-2010 -- Chapter 11 Thinking infrastructure and the organization of markets: the creation of a legal market for cannabis in Colorado -- Chapter 12 Smart grids and smart markets: the promises and politics of intelligent infrastructures -- Chapter 13 From matchmaking to boundary making: thinking infrastructures and decentring digital platforms in the sharing economy -- Part IV: Infrastructuring society -- Chapter 14 Social media and the infrastructuring of sociality -- Chapter 15 A communication perspective on the fabric of thinking infrastructure: the case of social media analytics -- Chapter 16 Infrastructuring as bricolage: thinking like a contemporary knowledge worker -- Chapter 17 Designing infrastructure for the poor: transactions within unstable ecologies -- Chapter 18 Infrastructuration: on habits, norms and routines as elements of infrastructure -- Index.

This volume introduces the notion of Thinking Infrastructures to explore a broad range of phenomena that structure attention, shape decision-making, and guide cognition: Thinking Infrastructures configure entities (via tracing, tagging), organise knowledge (via search engines), sort things out (via rankings and ratings), govern markets (via calculative practices, including algorithms), and configure preferences (via valuations such as recommender systems). Thus, Thinking Infrastructures, we collectively claim in this volume, inform and shape distributed and embodied cognition, including collective reasoning, structuring of attention and orchestration of decision-making.

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Knowledge management.
Decision making.
Business & Economics, Infrastructure.
Sociology: work & labour.

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