Guo, Rongxing,

China's spatial (Dis)integration : political economy of the interethnic unrest in Xinjiang / Rongxing Guo. - 1 online resource. - Elsevier Asian studies series . - Elsevier Asian studies series. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Front Cover; China's Spatial (Dis)integration; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; List of abbreviations; List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Tips for readers; Acknowledgments; Prologue: A long journey; 1 A brief history of Xinjiang; Xinjiang: New frontier; Early encounters; Rise and fall of Xinjiang; Quest for a Uyghur khanate; Decline of the khanate; Xinjiang becomes a province; Xinjiang in the People's Republic of China Era; Territorial changes in Xinjiang; Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region; Annex: Chronology of key events related to Xinjiang 2 Chinese-style development in Xinjiang: NarrativeQuasi-militaristic development zones; Xinjiang production and construction corps; Organization of the Xinjiang production and construction corps; Functions of the Xinjiang production and construction corps; Large construction projects; Exploitation of natural resources; The West-East gas Pipeline; Socioeconomic implications; Pairing-aid programs; Historical evolution; Progress and achievements; Pairing aid to Xinjiang; Inland middle school classes; Motivation; Organization; Performance; Unresolved issues Annex: Major interprovincial events relating to the Pairing-Aid-to-Xinjiang programs3 Uyghur unrest and Xinjiang: Narrative; Unorganized unrest (1986-1989); Urumqi protests (1989); Organized unrest (1990s); Baren riot (1990); Yining incident (1997); Unrest from dormancy to activation (2000s); Xinjiang raid (2007); Kashgar (2008) attack; Shaoguan incident (2009); Urumqi riots (2009); More unrest and attacks (2010-2014); Aksu bombing (2010); Hotan attack (2011); Yecheng attack (2012); Bachu raid (2013); Shanshan riots (2013); Tiananmen attack (2013); Kunming attack (2014); Mong Cai clash (2014) Urumqi attacks (2014)Further implications; Annex: Timeline of unrest related to Xinjiang (1986-2014); 4 Determinants of spatial (dis)integration: A model; Literature review; Cultural influences on trade; Analytical framework; Gravity model; Nonlinear ethnic influences; Interprovincial variables and data; Ethnic linkage index; Other variables; Interprovincial trade; Gross domestic product and per capita gross domestic product; Distance; Adjacency; Interprovincial panel data; Statistical estimation; Basic results; Ethnic influences; Focusing Uyghurs; Analytical implications Annex 4.1. A list of China's 56 ethnic groupsAnnex 4.2. Data on selected interprovincial variables, 2000 and 2010; Annex 4.3. Notes to the regressions; 5 Going back to Xinjiang: Analytic narrative; A bird's-eye view of Xinjiang; International connections; Interprovincial linkages; Internal economic performance; General situation; Comparing Xinjiang with Tibet; External economic performance; An export-import puzzle; Explaining the puzzle; Probing the Xinjiang problem; Xinjiang is culturally diverse; Focusing Uyghurs; Development policies; Interethnic policy; Policy implications

This book is intended to provide the narratives and analytics of China's spatial (dis)integration. Indeed, the Chinese nation is far too large and spatially complicated and diversified to be misinterpreted. The only feasible approach to analyzing it is, therefore, to divide it into smaller geographical elements through which one can have a better insight into the spatial mechanisms and regional characteristics. Provides a combination of narratives and analytical narrativesIncludes annexes which evaluate provincial and interprovincial panel data and information collected and compiled by the a.

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