San, Maneehiya,

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty of the cold storage industry in Bangkok Metropolitan / San Maneehiya. - x, 128 pages.

Thesis (M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)) -- University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2017.

Includes bibliographical references.

Cold storage and warehousing is becoming more a critical activity in the supply chain to outperform competitors on customer service, lead time, and costs. Cold storage industries is the backbone of agriculture industries, logistics and supply chains in which an important of Thailand including food processing industry that very popular in domestic and international countries, With the current circumstance cold storage industry is high market competition. According to within the competitive marketing environment, companies are faced with the many challenges to stay competitive. Companies are consistently trying to establish the relationship with customer by satisfying them as much as possible.
This research studies aim to investigate the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty of the cold storage industry in Bangkok Metropolitan. These support the following objectives : to study the relationship of marketing mix (7P's) to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the cold storage nustry in Bangkok Metropolitan. The researcher distributed 400 questionnaires for the completion of the sample size. Rhe data collected wereprocesseg the outcome with the SPSS program analyses.
Descriptive statistics consist of frequency, mean, perccentage, standard deviation, and inferential statistics such as t-Test, One-Way ANOVA and the analyses the different group of testing by multiple comparisons are using Fisher' s Least-Significant Different (LSD). The result showed the customer perception toward in 7P's in marketing had impact positive on customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction had a postitive impact on customer loyalty. It is can be useful to determine their target market nad market competitivencess and also to make a good in marketing mix plan in order to enhancing and develop marketing strategy to get the outcome of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Consumer satisfaction.
Customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction Bangkok Metropolitan The cold storage industry

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