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Women ertrepreneurship in family business / edited by Vanessa Ratten, Leo-Paul Dana, Veland Ramadani. - First edition. - 1 online resource (272 pages) : text file, PDF - Routledge frontiers of business management . - Routledge frontiers of business management .

chapter 1 Women entrepreneurship in family business: an overview / chapter 2 The role of gendifer in family-business research: a systematic review of the literature / chapter 3 Women-led enterprises in Germany: the more social, ecological, and corporate responsible businesses? / chapter 4 Family firms and non-family firms: a survey in Italian and Spanish wine sector performance / chapter 5 The role of women as entrepreneurs in family business: a literature review / chapter 6 Innocent sampling in research on gendifer and entrepreneurship / chapter 7 How does spouse involvement affect business growth? A matter of gendifer / chapter 8 Firm performance, corporate governance and gendifer diversity in top Italian family firms / chapter 9 When do women make a difference in the family firm?: undiferstanding the Latin American context / chapter 10 Female entrepreneurship in developing contexts: characteristics, challenges, and dynamics / chapter 11 Gendifer entrepreneurial leadifership in family businesses: a case study from Bosnia and Herzegovina / chapter 12 Listed Italian family firms: corporate governance composition and effects on performance / chapter 13 Future research directions for women entrepreneurship in family business / VANESSA RATTEN, LEO-PAUL DANA AND VELAND RAMADANI -- LEONA ACHTENHAGEN -- ANDRE PAHNKE -- LAURA BROCCARDO -- ALESSANDRA FARAUDELLO -- ANNIE ROOS -- ELI GIMMON -- MICHELA C. MASON -- LUZ ELENA OROZCO COLLAZOS, ISABEL C. BOTERO, AND -- ANDREA CAPUTO, LUISA DE VITA, MICHELA MARI AND -- RAMO PALALIC, VELAND RAMADANI, LEO-PAUL DANA, AND -- LAURA BROCCARDO -- VANESSA RATTEN, VELAND RAMADANI AND LEO-PAUL DANA.

"There has been growing attention placed on the role of female run and managed business in the global economy due to the increasing emphasis on gendifer equity. Despite the importance of female entrepreneurship, there has only been recently increased research attention devoted to entrepreneurship in the context of female entrepreneurship dynamics. This edited book examines female entrepreneurship and internationalization from both a practical and policy perspective and looks at the role of female entrepreneurship in the global economy."--Provided by publisher.

9781315098531 (ebook)

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
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